Leading to Engage

is a three-day interactive workshop designed for leaders with any level o fmanagerial experience. The workshop emphasizes real life applications to ensure transfer of learning and improved business results. Participants describe courses designed and conducted by Dr. Bob Burt as memorable, practical, highly interactive, fast-paced, relevant, and fun. Class size is limited to 15, large enough to keep costs down and small enough to preserve high personal involvement. (An earlier version of this workshop was called "Pretty Good People Skills.")

Workshop purpose

To enhance your competence and confidence in interacting with others at work
In a way that is consistent with your personal values and principles
In order to reduce frustration, increase impact of technical know-how, and be increasingly valued by the organization.

Workshop topics

Social Style™; Delegating: Communicating Expectations; Giving Feedback (including Criticism); Coaching; Managing Priorities.

Target audience

Anyone in leadership roles, especially in a formal leadership role such as team lead, supervisor, manager, director, etc.   The workshop is effective for any level of leadership experience from those who are in their first supervisory role to those who have been managers for decades.

Duration of workshop

Three days.

During the Course

Based on the premise that adults learn best by doing, workshop participants practice critical skills and receive constructive feedback from other members of the group after each practice session. This process not only augments the learning experience, it also increases participants’ ability to effectively give and receive feedback.

High ratings

The class routinely receives extraordinarily high evaluations with the majority rating the course and the instructor a 5 on a 5-point scale. Over 99% of past participants state that they recommend this workshop for their colleagues.

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  • 99% Recommend

    Over 99% of past participants recommend this course for others.

  • Cumulative ratings on 5.0 scale
  • 4.9 Satisfied with workshop leader

  • 4.9 Satisfied with workshop

  • 4.9 Recommend to colleague