Pretty Good People Skills

Music and lyrics by Travis Hohenberger (December 2012)

Social styles teach of toxic relationships
We've been given the wisdom to defeat them
The Analytical asks, but the Driver seeks a tell
The Amiable may acquiesce if Expressives start to yell
People are the same; people are different
A paradox of truth in this juxtaposition
Once you know yourself, you can control yourself
Use some insight to fight the patterns that don't help

There's a few techniques
The simplicity of these themes
We are all unique, but we all have needs
Be aware of your needs, but listen when others speak

Take your rights and shake 'em down from that tree
Cuz others shape the tides when given the authority
Keep in mind some seeds will need watering
Take some time to tend; listen in to the worries

Do you seek first to understand, before you're understood?
Open ended question is not the time to choose.
Content is only half. Can you reflect the mood?
On competence, do you affirm what others do?

Social styles and underlying interests
Teach of people have formed their positions
We'll explore the clouds to find the inventions
And outcomes come out for all beneficial

The talk of crystal clear vision
Mountain tops move with repetition