Master of Meetings

is a one day workshop designed for meeting leaders, meeting facilitators, and meeting designers.


Workshop Purpose

To increase your competence and confidence to design and facilitate effective meetings
In a way that reduces your frustration and that of others
In order to better achieve the objectives of your organization.

Learning objectives. By the end of workshop, you will be able to …

 Choose optimal type of meeting for a specific purpose
 Select appropriate decision making process for topic being addressed
 Create effective and engaging agenda
 Develop enhanced facilitation skills through practice and feedback
 Lead shift in culture toward establishing effective meetings as the norm for your organization

About the workshop

One day. Class size is limited to 14 people, large enough to keep costs down and small enough to preserve high personal involvement. The essential aspects for creating an effective meeting are presented during the morning session. Each participant prepares a real agenda for a real upcoming meeting for which he or she is responsible. A Meeting Laboratory is conducted in the afternoon during which each participant takes a turn as facilitator and receives feedback from other participants. One of the objectives for the Meeting Laboratory is to "develop compelling ideas for making effective meetings the norm for your organization."



Meetings are indispensable when you don’t want to do anything.
John Kenneth Galbraith


I hate being placed on committees.  They are always having meetings at which half are absent and the rest late.
Oliver Wendell Holmes


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