Team Effectiveness Workshop

is a two-day, custom-designed team experience that focuses on both individual communication skills and the effectiveness of the team as a whole.  The workshop is designed so that all team members attend and learn together, including the team lead or manager.  The primary objectives for the workshop are to:

Day one.  Learn to communicate more effectively with others. 

  • Understand how others view your behavior.
  • Understand why you find some relationships more productive than others.
  • Develop insight about your behavioral strengths and behavioral weaknesses.
  • Make reliable assessments about another person’s behavior.
  • Develop a way of communicating that considers others’ behavioral needs and preferences.
  • Build on your strengths and the strengths of others to develop productive relationships.

Day Two.  Identify what is needed (from you and others) to improve your team’s effectiveness.

  • Create shared awareness about how you and others currently view the team.
  • Develop a shared idea of how you want the team to function.
  • Estimate the business and personal impact of improving the effectiveness of the team.
  • Create strategies and tactics for improving the effectiveness of the team, including specific commitments about actions that will be completed by a particular time.
  • Be clear about what is required from you individually and as a team to improve.

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