Bob gathered together in one course a very useful collection of studies, theories, models, and examples.  Although I have had a number of courses before, covering many of these topics, this PGPS course was indeed very useful; and I think it will make a difference in my effectiveness in the year ahead.

Martin E. Poitzsch, SDR Research Director 


“Pretty Good People Skills” opens a new horizon to me, as to how to manage people effectively. Definitely the eye opener! 

 Y. d. Zeng, Project Manager, SIS


It is one of the best courses I have ever attended in my professional life.



The Pretty Good People Skills course by The Burt Group gives you the tools to help you manage with better people skills.

 Renske Wijnen-Mettrop, SIS Intouch Manager


A course that needs to be taught not only to managers, but also to selected team members.  The two-session format is a success.  I would be interested in a workshop (1 or 2 day) after six months or one year as a follow-up.  Great immersive experience overall. 

 Tarek, Global Service Delivery Manager


The workshop will help me to be more effective contributor in my immediate organization:  to communicate better by accommodating others (understanding differences in social styles), to collaborate optimally with my managers (managing your boss), and to grow my team members (mentoring and coaching).  

MS, Project Architect


This course helps participants to identify his/her own blindspots and strengths.  Definitely useful!

J. Lawrence, SDR, Research Scientist


Bob is energetic and dynamic, and truly makes the material interesting and relevant.

Javier, SDR


Bob has in-depth knowledge of the subject.  The class was intense and entertaining at the same time.  Examples used were practical which made us understand the concept well in an unforgettable manner.  The interaction between fellow colleagues made us share our experiences and problems.  I have gotten several valuable suggestions which can apply to my work.  Bob really cares about every student.  He took the time to address specific issues I was facing at work, and made action plans to follow up.  I strongly recommend every employee take advantage of this opportunity and you will benefit greatly from the course.

Libby, Senior Engineer


I came into this course pretty skeptical.  I always thought the whole science was a bit “hoakie.”  Bob turned me around.  He is able to make it work.

Jim, Geoscientist


This training is fantastic!  I look forward to implementing my new skills in my management position at SLB!  Thanks!

Julie, Consulting Mgr, SIS


If you interact with people at any level in an organization, this course should be on your required list!

CFM, Project Mgr


This training makes people believe in people, and believe in organization.  It gave me the tools to have a wonderful job environment and being proud about what we are doing.  It gave me a global vision of how I can lead my career and my personal goals and at the same time contribute/support/affect the careers of others in order to be a successful person and teams.

SIS Manager 


I truly enjoyed the course and every minute invested.  It was definitely worth it. 

Oscar R. Vera, Support Geologist SIS


This course is essential to anyone who  manages people at SLB.  Gives me the confidence to successfully manage people.                      

Senior Geoscientist Team Lead


Excellent workshop for understanding how important social skills are to my career.  The workshop provided tools for me to understand social styles and the knowledge and confidence to improve my skills while maintaining my own individual styles and values.



It is great for new managers (three to six months).

SIS Manager


Awareness of other people’s interests, viewpoints, and communication model (i.e., their social style) can definitely be a game changer.  Very valuable training! 

SDR, Research Scientist


The Pretty Good People Skills class gave me an amazing insight in my own and colleagues styles, and gave practical help to improve work relations. Combined with what we learned about coaching and negotiation skills, and not the least about setting priorities, I expect that the 5 days spent in this training will pay back many times over.

Lise, Software Metier


This course helps participants to identify his/her own blindspots and strengths.  Definitely useful! 

J. Lawrence, SDR, Research Scientist


Attending a PGPS seminar will refresh you better than a 5 day vacation while allowing you to explore more places.

 T. Botto, SDR, Senior Scientist


This workshop has given me purpose in my professional life when I had been lost for a while.  I understand better the dynamics of a professional world.

 SGM, Geosciences Application Consultant


Large time investment, but worth it.

Brad Roscoe, SDR, Scientific Advisor.


First workshop where I felt so much was applicable to both my professional and personal life as soon as I walked out on the last day.

 E. Tabanou, Project Manager, SIS


I’m confident that if you apply the lessons you’ll learn in Bob’s course, it will raise your end-of-year evaluation by a “letter grade.”

 Bill, SIS Software Process Coordinator


The class is instantly applicable and very practical. A great invest of 6 days that will pay back SLB and me many times over.

Anuj, Project Manager, SIS


Extremely condensed and valuable learning experience on one of the most challenging and important areas in our roles as leaders and managers.  Highly recommended.

Michael, Project Manager, SIS 


SDR would most benefit from this seminar if ALL of its managers attended.

SDR manager


The course was so good that I have implemented part of it at home.  My wife has taken the social profile test and we now know how to approach a matter.  I enjoyed the course a lot and during the three month wait for the second part of the course, I could do nothing else but look forward to continue the Pretty Good People Skills.



My communication skills were good and I thought I was an effective leader/manager.  The 360⁰feedback was transformational and now, having taken the workshop, I have pretty good (not just good) people skills.

AA, Product Mgr.


I found the Pretty Good People Skills course very valuable.  I learned more about myself, my colleagues, our social skills and had a lot of fun.  I hope to use the skills on setting priorities, delegating, and mentoring in my everyday SLB life. 

L.V., SDR, Program Manager


Found this class to help in every aspect of my management responsibilities.

SDR manager


This course is recommended for absolutely anyone who wishes to propel his career where he wants to take it.  This is not a course that teaches you to be a better person, but gives you the skills to handle people in an excellent manner.  I started using these skills in my daily work life and guess what? This stuff works!  I am already more than satisfied with the people around me and how my career is blossoming.  Great job, Bob!

Farrukh, Engineering Support Analyst


I was expecting a six day PowerPoint waste of time, but I was blown away by the constant applicability and positive life impacts of the class.  Despite what you might think, if you are a manager, then take this course.  At the end, you will be a better leader.

Matthew, TCP


The workshop was extremely useful because it provided me with tools which have enabled me to grow as a manager.  Specially creating a vision for my team and motivating them to follow it. 

MES, Product Line Manager


A very useful and enjoyable course.  Will help greatly with my day to day life – at work and at home.

P. S. McMorris, Project Manager: EMS

Knowledge that can be applied immediately after the workshop.

BR. PRD Manager


As a new manager in the company and first time manager in my career, I feel very fortunate to have received this training.  There are some very powerful and yet simple concepts we learned and can directly impact the way I manage and interact with people, both personally and professionally.   Highly recommend this class for anyone who is interested in growing as a person and learning more about yourself and how to communicate better with others. 

ACV, Manufacturing Team Leader (RTST)


The workshop really gives an individual a time to pause from the hectic workplace and reflect on how yoru actions and skills can affect the performance of the employees and the team.

TC, Test Facilities Manager

This is a very well structured course with practical information which is well taught and explained.  The exposure to the information is of great worth and invaluable if consistently applied.

Mark A.  (EMS)

Bob: You were an excellent coach and instructor.  I found value in every part of the sessions.  I will improve if I can implement even a small portion of what I learned.  My goal is to implement a large portion.

J.C.H., John   Senior ENG, SLB


I recommend the course to anyone in a leadership role.  Very applicable!!

G. Lanier, Team Leader


The introduction to Social Styles is the single most important training I have received in my 21 year career.  It is vitally important to getting along in the work place.
P.K., Principal Chemical Engineer


I gained confidence to take on tasks that I historically would defer or hesitate to take action.  Outstanding opportunity for anyone.
B.K., Product Line Manager, Mfg.


This workshop is highly recommended.  You will definitely reach “pretty good” level in managing and leading people.
L.Y., Project Manager


I found the “Pretty Good People Skills” a very effective class and strongly recommend to other managers at all levels.
Rosharon Manager


Knowing how to coach, mentor, and delegate tasks to your team are integral to leading and managing a team.  This course provides everything needed to do these things well.


People are asset of our company and developing people is manager’s job.  These sets of skills taught in this class helps a manager getting there with support from his team.  Various topics related to soft skills are well covered and are essential for management development.

Rosharon manager


Fantastic course.  Make time for it.  You will not regret it!
Jason Bryant, SIS


The class shows that your daily interaction can be as professional as your assigned task.  It will confirm a lot of what you felt was right and it inspires you to improve.
Ben Kurtenbach, SIS Manager


This is the best people management course I have ever had: not only about the content, but also the way the course was set up.  I learned a lot from both the instructor and the participants.
Z. Bao, Project Manager, SIS


The course is a great experience.  It will give you enough food for thought to last a long time, if not your entire career.  I strongly recommend you to take the time to absorb as much as possible of the information this course provides.
Ioana, Personnel Rep.


I highly recommend PGPS!  Bob has a way of gently pulling out the best in the participants and leaing them to a place of confidence, not only in themselves, but also in their role of managers.
Kathryn, Manager, SIS


In these last six days I have learned techniques that I will certainly use during the rest of my life.
SC, Petrel C&M Comm. Mgr


I can highly recommend the PGPS for any manager.  The topics of the workshop are highly applicable and cover all areas that are relevant when it comes to people skills.
Susanne Schumann, SNTC Personnel Manager


The class is most important for self evaluation and how you interact with peers and reports.  Although it is called people skills, the real learning is about yourself.
G. Maitland, SIS TC Controller


I believe this is a good class to improve the personal relationships with others.  I highly recommend it.
SIS employee


Very simple principles, if mastered will definitely improve your quality of life, how to treat people.  It will also improve how others perceive you.  No wonder it is a hard subject because human nature tends to take over in its own way.  But by using some of these principles and skills, you will try to focus your energy on something more productive.
AA, Test group


I think that this course is a must for all Schlumberger employees of different levels and positions.
VB, WG GS-IT  Architect


This course gave me the power to change my relationships with others for the better – something I never thought I could do before.  It is an amazing feeling!
AP, Software Engineer, SIS


Bob is a truly great teacher and I wish there were more like him in the world.  Teaching is about giving students the tools they need to learn for themselves without passing judgment, and he is an expert at it!
SIS Engineer


The course is humbly named, “Pretty Good People Skills.”  However, anyone, no matter what level of interpersonal interaction skills they have can benefit from this course.  It is not just a course about learning to work with people.  It is a course about living with people!  I believe it should be mandatory for all!
C.O., SIS Software Engineer


It is very valuable for technical people, especially those from countries with different culture (e.g., China).


Bob promotes the essential ingredients for career success in this course.  He does this in an interactive, thought-provoking way.  He also strives to make a personal connection with each participant.  I know I will benefit from this class in both my personal and professional life.  I recommend this class to anyone who wants to be proactive about their career and also improve their interpersonal skills.
Priya, Team Lead, SIS


I was reluctant at first, but I realize things can change by the way you address with people.
Clement, SW Developer and Teach Lead, Petrel PE


I found the PGPS course exceptionally useful and enjoyable. The topics are directly relevant to our day-to-day roles as team leads and managers, and the class provided plenty of opportunities to practice and role-play to gain experience. Bob has an impressive background in the field and is glad to put his storehouse of knowledge to use by sharing references and pointers in answer to individual questions.  He is genuinely involved with the group as well as each student, and his enthusiasm for the ideas he teaches (and routinely practices) is contagious. Our class included recent as well as experienced leaders. I was impressed with the fact that whatever level of experience you have going into the class, Bob meets you at that level and helps you take it to the next one. This is one of the best leadership courses I have taken in my 15+ years of management experience.
Product Line Manager, SIS


Doing is learning and this is what this workshop is all about.  It challenges and inspires people to improve their people skills.
R. L., Commercialization Manager


It is a complete package of PGPS.
Manager, SIS


Everyone at Schlumberger needs to take this course.  Fun.   Educational.  Invaluable.
ML, Tech Com Lead


I have attended this type of “soft skill” related course first time.  I could understand many theories formally with people do in his day to day life, however It is a push to implement more methodological manner.
Abdul, Lead Testing Engineer


The two 3-day sessions were a packed syllabus covering the pertinent and most effective management techniques based on years of industrial experience.
A. Richardson, Software Development Project Manager


The energy level and the engagement level is very high in the class.  This makes it very easy and fun to learn topics that are otherwise difficult.  It also sets a good foundation for skills that can further be developed through practice.
RM, Project Architect


I sincerely recommend this training to my SLB colleagues.  I have found the content more useful and relevant than other, similar trainings I have attended in the past.  It will definitely boost your confidence and competence as a leader and as a manager.  Thank you, Bob!
Guillaume Lahitette, EMS PSG Product Line Manager


I was told by a former manager that PGPS was one of, if not the most valuable training he had attended… The same is true for me.
Jared, Engineer


This class was an awesome experience by an outstanding instructor.  Dr. Burt presented great material which is extremely useful for new or seasoned managers.  I believe all participants were positively influenced and the time was worth every penny.
Mike Alff, Connectivity Manager


I personally feel I improved my personal and management skills.  Through this class it gives me the confidence to speak out and present.  Thanks.  Great job, Bob!
JJ, Rosharon


Bob masterfully paints the picture of the management landscape, and provides invaluable insight into how to navigate this environment successfully.  I also had my subordinates take the course and it was a rousing success.  I highly recommend Pretty Good People Skills to anyone looking to add “tools” to their management toolbox.
O. Pulat, Team Leader


Human skills at its highest level.
GT, Program Manager


I love contributing at Schlumberger for two primary reasons:  Leading technology and outstanding people (employees).  This workshop is a cornerstone in building outstanding leaders and managers in Schlumberger.
KWE, Technical Communications Manager


From the start to the finish of this class, if you are not learning you are either Bob or Bygone.
Nicholas Taylor, RTST Subsea Project Manager


This course was one of the best courses I have ever taken. It is definitely the best non-technical course I have taken at SLB. I am very pleased with the efforts of our instructor, and I strongly recommend the course to my colleagues.
Harsha, Project Manager


An incredible workshop based on practicing and developing skills that are very useful and effective when working with others and creating win-win situations; facilitated by an amazing coach and mentor, Bob Burt.
Luis, Production Manager – Energetics Manufacturing


All new managers should have this course within first six months of their responsibility as manager.
RK, Procurement Leader, RTST


This course was an excellent management course.  The concepts and techniques that I learned are all very practical to what I need in my management role.  It was very energizing.
L.M. Engineering Manager


If you want to understand the behavior of others, this is the class.
Vicki, Rosharon


This course really changed my perception about myself and others.  It helped me see situations from a third party point of view.
Manufacturing Engineer


This course is absolutely essential for a manager and provides a wonderful platform which can be used in any organization and situation.
MS Systems Engineer


This course has helped me de-mystify many essential management duties/functions – coaching, motivating, setting a vision for my team and sharing it effectively.  I am confident this will help me to seek and obtain better results from my team.  Thanks Bob!
A.W.  Sustaining Manager, Rosharon


A really excellent course.  The instructor makes complicated issues of human interaction very accessible.  Instructor encourages attendees to take what they want/need from the class rather than impose his own beliefs and priorities.
D.S.  Senior Chemist


I really like this course.  First line management can benefit a lot from having it, since new in the leadership role it gives us a lot of techniques to be able to do a better job as leaders.  It also helps to self-analyze yourself to see your strengths and areas of developmet.  I really like the instructor and all the material he presented.
I.E.S. (Procurement Leader)


Before this class I treated everyone as one social style.  I have the tools to interact with others that can make my job and my direct reports happy with better communication.
Alan, Inspection Lead


Pretty Good People Skills covered topics I have been trained on previously.  With this particular training, I have more confidence in applying the principles largely due to the style and not the content.  I expect this workshop to be the most effective in improving my skills as a manager.
John, Shaped Charge Product Line Manager


I highly recommend this class to new managers.  It will make the task ahead so much easier.  I strongly believe that the skills I learned in this class will serve me well in becoming a more effective manager.
Rosharon manager


This class helps open up one’s inner most working, directing them to not only understand others but understand themselves, leading to much more effective interactions in work place and in life if applied.
C.W.  Control and Instrumentation Engineer


Saying the same thing to five people all at once can be heard and received in five different ways, not to mention the sixth being the way it was actually intended.  I have learned people really are different and even at the core need different things.  I have always though getting the job done was the important thing.  Now I believe that the people I get the job done with are the most important.
K.M. Quality Coordinator RPS



Great people skills for all employees to better understand ourselves and be more effective at work and in life.
Rohsaron supervisor


If you want to figure yourself out, attend this course!  The bonus is you just might be able to figure out others as well.
Raghu Kamath, Rapid Response Coordinator


Most all things talking in the class were directly applicable for any manager.  I didn’t feel bored at all during the course unlike many other courses.  Great job.

Achala, Production Manager – Machine Shop


Fantastic course.  Bob is a treat to work with.  Very approachable and knowledgeable.  I was able to get answers to a lot of potential problems I could face as a manger and learned from others’ experiences.  Overall satisfying.  No homework is also great as we all have our work to go back to.

Sai, Lead Engineer


Thanks Bob!  I hope that you have continued success in your career!  Thanks so much for the workshop.  It has “turned on a few old light bulbs” for me!  Thanks again!

Rosharon supervisor


You get a new life if you take part in Pretty Good People Skills training!
DYZ, Software Tester


This class will force you to get to know yourself better, which will help you to interact with others.  The 360 feedback is invaluable.
HH, Systems Analyst


Not only pretty good, it should be mandatory!
LS, Reservoir Engineer, SIS


I like the idea of learning the skills required to more effectively interact with people.  The understanding of social styles alone is worth the time invested.  The gift of the 360 degree feedback is invaluable.  Thanks.
Tom, Remote Access Manager, GSIT WesternGeco


I was not sure what to expect from this class, at best like other workshops – learn and forget after few weeks.  I was amazed with the concentrated material with a lot of supportive video, acting, one-on-one scenarios, competitions.  This made all the difference to understand the material and really learn it by the time you are done.  At the least, you have the right tools to get better at.
Baris Guler, Senior Systems Engineer, WesternGeco


Are you interested in moving to the next level of your career?  Have you ever asked why you work hard, spend long hours at work, and have no time to do things that you enjoy – and you never get the yearly reviews you want?  PGPS will answer all these questions.  For me, I think it has given me the keys to success in my career and has unlocked additional strengths (or potential) I wasn’t aware of.  Thanks, Bob.
Production Engineer (SIS)


Exercises on initial consideration appeared as if would be silly or pointless, but upon doing them their value would come out.
Richard, Project Engineer


I found that this class helped me be a better communicator and present my ideas more clearly.
Jeffrey Pereira, Network Technical Lead, NSA


Different people have different social styles.  Adapt to other’s social style will create a win-win environment for both professional and personal life.
Chelsea, Software Engineer, SIS


Wonderful, wonderful class that I would recommend to all.  Looking forward to putting into practice all that I have learned.
S.L., WG


I found this class very valuable.  I wish I had been able to attend fifteen years ago to achieve more benefit!
A.C.A. Hack, Solutions Architect


I found this class to be extremely informative and I will do my best to apply what I have learned.
Gordon, Houston System Support Manager, WesternGeco


Applicable to our real world as SLB managers.
S.C., IT Manager, WG


The 360° feedback is the most powerful form of feedback/criticism you can get.
Robert Calbat, Operations Manager (WG)


This class was one of the best classes I have ever taken.  The information I received was invaluable.  Receiving 360 feedback in a constructive environment had a very powerful impact.
Melanie, SIS TechCom Manager


The most exciting workshop I have attended about people skills.  It not only gave me skills that I can apply during my whole career but my personal life.
Carlos, Commercialization Engineer


This has been one of the most influential workshops I have attended on the last years.  It will definitely improve the way I maange my career and the way I deal with my peers.
Carlos B., HPC Software Engineer


This class provides invaluable techniques that every manager and lead needs.  If you are given the opportunity to take this course, jump on it!
T. Mitchell, DITA Information Architect


Become an effective leader – take “good people skill” training.
G.W., SIS Team Lead


It’s a great course. Gives you essential tools to be more effective in your job.
Salim, HTC-PM

This is a course I highly recommend to others. You will learn skills to better communicate with others.
K. Haugen, Senior System Developer


You'll find the answers to some people's social awkwardness!

Natalia Serrano, Geophysicist


It is the best interpersonal skill course and Bob is a fantasic workshop leader.


Excellent class. I recommend it to anyone within SLB, especially those willing to follow a management career path.
Tahar Ouhrouche, Team Leader -- Petrel Platform


This class goes above and beyond mere communication of study material.  It allows participants to interact, express themselves and critique in a way that helps “internalize” the knowledge, and put the learnt concepts into practice.
S.R., Center Supply Chain, Manager


This course gave me techniques I could directly apply to my job when meeting with my employees, which increases my confidence in initiating discussions with my team.  After taking this course, I feel like I am much more prepared to be in the role of supervising others.
S.J., Team Lead


A great interactive 3-day session.  I have to say it has definitely improved my people skills.  Thanks, Bob!  You did a great job with the content of the course and teaching as well.
N.B., Rosharon


The class teaches you to be the best manager you can be.
JRM, Project Manager


PGPS is one of the better trainings that I have participated in.  I know that I have learned a great deal of valuable information that, not only will I be able to use throughout my carerre, but will also help me to continue to grow as a professional.
Eli, Rapid Response Coordinator


Concrete tools that I use in interactions at work.
J.O., Mfg. Planning Manager


I think there should be a class for problem employees.
V.M. Machine Shop Supervisor


This training was very successful.  I feel I will become a better supervisor using techniques I learned.
(2nd shift ) Shift Leader


Sometimes as the hectic-ness of the job gets to us, supervisors forget what their actual “roles” should be; which is to create an environment in which people would willingly follow you.  This class gives supervisors a chance to step back and remember the basics.  I thoroughly enjoyed and learned so much, about myself as a supervisor and as a person that I think will benefit me more beyond the job.
Erika B., Planning Lead


I am an introvert and really avoid these types of classes.  This one was very easy to deal with. 
G.E., Team Lead, Systems Engineer


PGPS provided great opportunities to both learn about and practice management and people skills in a great environment.  I learned a lot about myself.
Daniel, Geophysicist


I had a strong knowledge of most of this material prior to coming into the course.  However, it still strengthened what I already knew and refreshed my approach to relationships with others in the workplace.  I highly recommend this material for any level or amount of experience.
S.W., Business Systems


I have been able to know more on human behavior based on Social Styles as was introduced throughout the workshop.  Setting priorities is now very obvious is what I do from now onwards.  I will be able to manage my time on the big rocks.
J.E.O., Project Manager


The workshop was great!  I recommend it to all group leaders and managers.
SLB Manager


The PGPS class for managers is very comprehensive.  It covers many key topics that are needed to make any manager or team leader more effective in their function.  The material presented is a distillation of many valuable concepts that can be applied throughout one’s career.
R.K., Team Lead of Omega Software Support


The course says pretty good people skills.  The material covered and usefulness of the information.  The title does not do the course enough credit for its great content.


You will learn a lot of good stuff that could hardly be figured out from your day by day’s life in the work environment.
L. Zhang (SRD Region Manager, PTS)

Comments on this page relate to "Team Effectiveness Workshop"


Very interesting and engaging.  Valuable time spent to learn about some social styles and will greatly help in improving team work and synergy.  Enjoyed it!
Hao L., Test Engineer


Not only did this workshop give me the theoretical knowledge of working better with “people,” but we made specific discoveries about our own team and better ways to communicate with specific people.  This was an excellent experience.
Brian, Electrical Engineer, RPS


This class was real effective in helping understand people within your team.  I am glad I attended the course.
S.B., Mech. Designer


Great workshop to increase team effectiveness.  Good examples.  Hands on examples and team interaction.


This workshop really helped me to learn more about my team and how we can operate more effectively on both a professional and personal level.
JJ, Electrical Technician


Up front I was doubtful that the two days would, in the long term, be profitable.  But I have learned several things and have a new perspective.  And this, I believe, will have long lasting benefits to myself and Schlumberger.
RW, NPD Electrical Engineer


It is extremely important to recognize the different style of people that you work with.


This training gives me chance to know myself better and how to work effectively with my team member.
AN, Mechanical Engineer
This class was a great opportunity to allow the team to take a step back from a busy schedule to resolve issues.


Raphael, Project Manager, RPS


The Social Style session was a real eye opener for me.  I now understand my colleagues much better, especially those who are different from me.


Helped me understand my co-workers’ personalities, especially my bosses.  I anticipate that this event will result in improved interactions with them and a more enjoyable work experience
Rick, Sr. Mech Eng.


Social Styles.  Games – always good for teamwork.
V.P., Engineer


WOW, by far the best training I had ever! This can be applied to work (any work) and at home. The workshop taught me the fundamentals of being a leader. I now wonder how different my life and career may be today, if given the opportunity to take "Pretty Good People Skills" 15 years ago.
T. Poirrier, Supplier Quality Leader


Pretty Good People Skills has been the most beneficial training I have taken since starting here over 3 years ago.  I truly appreciate the experience and the knowledge I gained.
Richard, Shift Leader


Before this class I thought I was doing a poor quality job as a manager.  After this training I realized I have applied already some strategies.  I just needed to understand the structure, the process and guidelines.  I am more confident!!
Diana H, Mfg. Engineer


When you first become a leader, or rather, when you realize you are a leader, it is very overwhelming.  “Pretty Good People Skills” gave me the knowledge and tools to find my identity as a leader.
Justin, Team Leader


I found this workshop to be very helpful with gaining the knowledge on how to properly influence my personnel to achieve the goals set by the company.
Josh, Shift Supervisor


It was the third time I am taking a leader course, in different companies, and Bob was able to make it very interesting, keep me engaged, and learn something new and useful.
Theo, Supply Chain PSG


Great class to build a stronger team!
Edgar, Rosharon

Comments on this page relate to "Team Effectiveness Workshop"


We all need to know more about who we are how we're wired. With this, we can better work with others both at work and at home.


Good workshop.


After 33 years of professional experience and extensive team building and leadership training, I discovered my real natural style is opposite of what coworkers of 3 continents, and me, thought. This knowledge will really help me to communicate with, and build up, my new team. Thank you so much!
Ramon, Principal Electrical Engineer


Really impressed with the value and insight of the data presented, both in internal reflection and in the ability to communicate in effective groups. As the company has grown rapidly, I'm confident these techniques in communication can bring us back to synergy and successful teamwork. Thank you.
Dani, Mechanical Engineer


The information and team exercises in the workshop were very informative and useful for everyday life. It is very effective and I plan on incorporating what I have learned to improve effectiveness in my communication to others.
Mizra, Administrative Assistant


Bob is a great facilitator in helping teams come together and encourage team members to speak out about how they would like to be communicated with.
Ashwin Gupte


The second day about the communication between teams is very helpful to avoid to build silos inside a company.
Jochen Schnitger, Sr. Electrical Engineer


Great course, loved the interaction with my team, learned a bit more about myself, my team and areas that we can improve to achieve our company goals.
David Arnold, Manufacturing Manager


This was a valuable class. What I learned can not only be used at work but at home as well.
Erik, M.E.


It was a very good workshop to know about yourself and others you work with. This workshop helps in identifying things which can be put forth effectively as a team and thereby improving effectivness of the team but also comunication across the teams in your organization.
Rahul, Manufacturing Engineer


This was a great workshop. I learned something new about myself and my coworkers that will help in day to day coordination. Thanks!
LH, Production Planner

The Leading to Engage workshop conducted by The Burt Group was one of the best leadership coaching sessions I have attended. For experienced leaders, the workshop contained new material as well as known skills that are often forgotten or under-utilized. For new leaders, the workshop provided an excellent mix of relevant subject matter that can be implemented immediately. The class content was delivered using multiple media (print, video, role-playing, etc.) which kept participants engaged throughout. Bob did an excellent job of creating a safe environment where all participants were comfortable sharing experiences and joining in on serious role-play situations. Thank you Bob for the excellent coaching that you provided!
Lisa Grimm
Shared Services – Accounts Receivable
Manager – Cash Application


Bob’s “Leading to Engage” has helped everyone understand, realize the different people we work with in life.  This is a life changer and eye opener.  Thank you.  We truly learned a lot from this training and will use all of tools in future.  Refer back to the manuals and websites all the time.
SSC, Program Manager


I enjoyed this class, and I learned so much.  Topics presented and discussed during the whole program are very much applicable to me and my role as a leader.  Thank you, Bob!  Every minute of this class is worth it!
Accounting, Accounting Manager


This course was very inspirational in how I want to be a better leader in the organization.  The topics and concepts are profound and Bob’s delivery of them was genuine, sincere, and effective.  He made the course engaging and fun!
Shared Services Center

It was a great workshop with great details and interaction.
Credit, Area Credit Manager


Bob did a great job engaging the class to participate and to value their answers.
SSC Accounting – Cement
Sr. Accountant


The 3-day program was one of the best classes I attended as a manager.  Bob was able to clearly provide effective communication to share best practice improving how I can effectively communicate to others based on the person’s social style.  I will become a better manager and effective leader based on tools I learned from the class.  Thanks – Bob – Rock Star!
AP Mgr


Bob gave one of the best workshops I have ever attended. I have been a manager for 30 years and learned so much. He is a great speaker and workshop leader.
Accounts Payable


By understanding the impact of social styles, I am now able to effectively manage difficult situations in an environment that is productive and motivating to my employees. Too many times conflicts arise from misunderstanding the context of the situation and others’ social styles
J. Rush
Senior Director


I was so pleased and really learned a lot. It is the kind of stuff that I wish I knew all my life in how to deal with others (work family or home family). I have gotten angry and frustrated at others who don’t think like me and not understand. This helps me have patience and respect for others not like me. Thanks so much.
Business analyst


Bob is an excellent presenter. The training was informative, well laid out, fun and a huge benefit. I’ve taken a similar class a few times but it felt new and refreshing. I would recommend and look forward to the next training class!
J. Oliver
Sr. Portfolio MGR


My favorite part of the workshop is learning the social styles and understanding how to apply them to my co-workers and personal relationships.
Business Analyst, AR


This was a very informative workshop helping to become more self-aware and of others. There were take-aways for every level of employees. Also applicable to all areas of our lives.
SSC Fixed Assets


I found this workshop very illuminating and humbling. It brings a lot of self-awareness on how I deal with people and situations currently. I always thought I was a god listener, but after the coaching practices, I realized how often I interject my own person story, or my own option on how to resolve a problem. I would recommend this workshop for not just managers, because the concepts and skills are applicable for any interpersonal relationship.
Accounting Manager


Well spent three days. Excellent learning experience for all Lehigh Hanson employees.
Gary Allison
Project Manager – Acquisitions/Divestitures


Leading to Engage was the most valuable 3 days I have spent on my own development in my entire career!  I would highly recommend this course for any level of leader.
Dawn Dickert
Invoice to Cash
Senior Director


The Leading to Engage workshop led by The Burt Group was informative, entertaining, and insightful.  The use of the training materials coupled with the videos made the course flow smoothly.  With the information presented in this workshop, I plan to focus on becoming a better leader in the very near future.
Accounts Payable & Indirect Tax
Director AP + Indirect Tax


Bob’s Knowledge in this workshop was extremely helpful in providing me with many tools to begin using NOW!  I would highly recommend any company to schedule these classes for their leaders.
Joy Coffin
Master Data Analyst


The Social Style Model coupled with the versatility tool provided a powerful method to increase effectiveness and quality of my communications.  I love the simple effectiveness of the coaching/feedback model!  Incorporate Ground-Obstacles-Goal and you’ve got it!
Glen Campbell
Accounting – Materials
Sr Accountant for South Region


This workshop has been a very positive experience for me.  You have provided awesome tools that I can take with me in every aspect of my daily life.  Thank you very much!
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable Lead


Leading to Engage has given me the tools to be an effective leader.  This workshop is extremely insightful.
Sandy Steadham
Indirect Tax
Tax Accountant III


As a new manager with direct reports that are completely new to the company, this workshop provided some very insightful tips and tools to use to have “willing followers.”
L. Whitaker
SSC Credit Dept.
Arca Credit Mgr


This class is fresh and provides current and innovative ideas that will benefit every manager.  There are great opportunities to interact with co-workers from other departments.
Blake Hall
SSC Credit
Portfolio Risk Manager


Great Workshop.  Thank you.
Shared Services Center

Empowerment is a great word!
Denise Weaver
SSC Credit – West Reg.
Sr. Credit Mgr


The workshop was very informative and invaluable to our business.  The presentation was entertaining and the workshop materials will be great resources in the future.

Sr Credit Manager