PGPS for Supervisors, Managers, and Team Leads

For those with responsibility for others. Includes custom 360° feedback. Two 3-day sessions separated by about one month.


PGPS for Technical Employees

For experienced employees who serve as informal leaders and mentors for others. 3-day session followed by 2-day session one month later.


Team Effectiveness Workshop.

Team members learn to communicate more effectively with each other and develop action steps to improve team. Two days.


Master of Meetings

Learn how to design and facilitate an effective meeting. One day.



Workshops designed and conducted by Dr. Bob Burt emphasize real life applications to ensure transfer of learning and improved business results. Participants describe workshops as memorable, practical, highly interactive, fast-paced, relevant, and fun. Class size is limited to 15, large enough to keep costs down and small enough to preserve high personal involvement.

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Pretty Good People Skills for Supervisors, Managers, and Team Leads
Pretty Good People Skills for Technical Employees
Team Effectiveness
Master of Meetings